Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Please read carefully before registering...

  • For new members, please insert the PARTICIPANT'S NAME, not parent name, in the Register as a new member section. Parent details can be entered later during the registration process.
  • For existing members, please insert the PARTICIPANT'S LAST NAME and DOB in the Renew your membership section.
  • Please insert the phone number and email address for the individual that is FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for the participant in the Contact details section. Additional email addresses can be entered, however, invoices will not be sent to these addresses, they will only be used to send for disseminating Club information.
  • Each new participant must be registered individually. You can link sibling memberships by completing the Do you wish to have your member profile linked with a family member profile? section.
  • You must nominate the preferred lesson payment option at time of registering/renewing, either annual lump sum, term instalments or payment plan, in the Invoices section.
  • Sports vouchers can be used for children aged 5 to 15 years by completing the Sports vouchers for 5 to 15 year old children section. The sports voucher discount will be applied to the selected invoice frequency type, either annual lump sum or the term 1 instalment.
  • Payment for registration must be processed online at the end of the registration process.
  • Returning students must be registered BEFORE 29 January 2024.
  • New students must be registered BEFORE 12 February 2024.

For further information about the fee structure, please refer to our fees page.

Members are bound by the agreement outlined on the terms of registration page.

Invoices will be emailed in week 3 of term 1. Invoices can also be viewed from the member portal.

Files available for download