Club Awards

2023 Best Club Girl

Tayla Robinson

The Best Club Girl Trophy is presented to the girl who has demonstrated the highest level of dedication, service and commitment to the Brighton Calisthenics Club during the year.

This award was donated by K Stokes in 1979. The winner will hold the perpetual cup for the year and receive a replica trophy to keep.

Joy Putman Excellence Award

Ruby Arcadiou

The Joy Putman Award is presented to the competitor that has achieved a personal excellence in Calisthenics representing Brighton at the highest level. This may be at State or National level, solo, duo, graceful or pupil skills.

This competitor has gone above and beyond to be the best version of themselves on stage or in an exam. They have pushed themselves and demonstrated what hard work and determination can ultimately result in - excellence in Calisthenics.

Mrs Joy Putman was a long time Life Member of both Brighton and CASA, and someone who is missed every day. This award was introduced in 2023 and was kindly donated by Joy's family.

Rita Sullivan Endeavour Award

Ava Tan

Mrs Rita Sullivan was a long time pianist with Brighton and CASA, a Life Member of CASA, and was a very avid supporter of girls who tried hard and were strong reliable team girls.

The Rita Sullivan Award is presented to the girl, upon recommendations by the Coaches, and who the Executive Committee feels has tried that little bit extra all year.

She may be a loyal, very hard working member of her team, strives for improvement, and enjoys her participation in Calisthenics. She may be a talented Calisthenics girl because of her hard work and persistence to achieve. She may have performed very well at her own team competitions, and supported her other team members throughout the competitions.

Evans Family Encouragement Award

Penny Rogers

This award was introduced in 2008 and is kindly donated by the Evans Family. It is aimed at our younger sections of the club - Tinies or Sub Juniors and is presented to the girl who best fits the following criteria.

She is a team member who always tries her best, practices at home and knows her work, while she may not be the most elite with her Calisthenics skills. She is a reliable team member who always strives for improvement and shows an immense amount of potential as a Calisthenics girl.

Team Awards

Awards for excellence, most improved and encouragement are presented to girls who the coach feels have worked hard in many areas of Calisthenics during the year.

Mayoral Awards are presented to the girl who the coach feels has been most consistent in her work throughout the year. Each girl will have the opportunity to hold the perpetual shield for a period of time during the year and will receive a replica trophy to keep.

The 2023 recipients are:

Non-Competitive Tinies
Lily Rose Blake ~ Mayoral Award
Rae O'Reilly ~ Encouragement

Competitive Tinies 1
Eva Parkinson ~ Mayoral Award
Ivy Mae Lawrence ~ Most Improved
Lily Aistrope ~ Encouragement

Competitive Tinies 2
Harley Balmer ~ Mayoral Award
Sienna Pearce ~ Most Improved

Sub Junior 1
Indiya Moyce ~ Mayoral Award
Addison Brown ~ Excellence
Tianna Weetman ~ Most Improved

Sub Junior 2
Ava Prescott ~ Mayoral Award
Zara van der Graaf ~ Most Consistent
Ivy Aistrope ~ Most Improved

Sub Junior 3
Sophie Landorf ~ Mayoral Award
Matilda Wilkey ~ Most Improved

Junior 1
Ruby Arcadiou ~ Mayoral Award
Grace Rosenhain ~ Excellence
Krisala Gautam ~ Most Improved

Junior 2
Alannah Berry ~ Mayoral Award
Chloe Dimech ~ Most Improved
Aaliyah Holmes ~ Encouragement

Mabel Combe ~ Mayoral Award (Team 1)
Ruby Tan ~ Mayoral Award (Team 2)
Jessica Mieszkuc ~ Excellence
Delilah Unwin ~ Most Improved

Megan Telfer ~ Mayoral Award
Gracie Lovelock ~ Excellence
Denae Plenty ~ Most Improved

Andrea Dubieniecki Volunteer Award

Fiona Barratt

This award is given in honour of our late, long serving Secretary who worked tirelessly for our Club over many, many years.

Coaches Excellence Award

Melinda Grimm

This award was introduced in 2017 and was kindly donated by Melinda Grimm to recognise a coach that has displayed excellence and leadership throughout the calisthenics year.