Our History

Brighton Calisthenics Club is a well-established club that began back in 1933. After closing during the war, it was re-established in 1957 and is still proudly wearing the red and white that was introduced at that time.

Brighton Girls Club was affiliated with the Calisthenics Association as a new club on the 27th February 1957.

Established by Elvey Mold with assistance from her best friend Sybil Smith, the club has competed in the competitions since that date.

We proudly celebrated our 60th Anniversary in 2017.

If you have any information to add to this history or any photographs, please contact the club at brightoncalisthenics@hotmail.com.


Taken at Adelaide Town Hall in 1959, this photo of a group of Brighton subbies shows them wearing our original red cord velvet tunic. Brighton girls wore red club leotards with varying trim over many years.