Welcome to Brighton Calisthenics Club!

Brighton Calisthenics Club was established in 1957 and to this day we remain as one of South Australia's most successful clubs - currently Championship Division in the Sub Junior and Senior sections, and Division 1 in the Junior and Intermediate sections. Based at the Brighton Uniting Church Hall on Brighton Road, classes are offered for ages 3 years upwards right through to adult, and are run by experienced, accredited coaches.

If you would like to be involved in a sport which helps develop teamwork, discipline of mind and body, and a sense of dedication and commitment, then contact us today. New members are always welcome and the first two lessons are FREE!



Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian sport which helps to develop discipline of mind and body, team work, a competitive spirit and a sense of commitment.

Calisthenics is a dynamic combination of gymnastics, dance, apparatus (clubs and rods), marching, singing and acting. There are thousands of participants throughout Australia.

Calisthenics has a strong focus on deportment and presentation, helping participants to develop confidence in movement and performance and to enjoy the thrill of competing on stage in front of an audience, several times a year.