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Brighton represented at State & National Levels in 2019

Congratulations to the following Brighton Girls who will compete with the National & Darwin representative teams in 2019. An unforgettable experience!

Jess, Junior National

Ava, Sub-Junior National

Ava, Sub-Junior National

Portia & Eden,

Sub-Junior Darwin

Amelia, Mabel & Hannah, Junior Darwin

Congratulations to our Solo/Duo Competitors 
Our Junior Duo State Champion!!!!

Jess Mieszkuc & partner Molly Martin - coach Anita Greco

1st Place - Junior Duo Championship Final

Championship Final

Jess Mieszkuc                                                                       Dominque Torresan  

coached by Bec Norsworthy                                                   coached by Elyse Stewart

HC Junior 12/13 Years Championship Final                              3rd Place SJ 8 Years Championship Final

Ava Somerfield                                                                      Ruby Arcadiou

coached by Megan Taylor                                                        coached by Elyse Stewart

SJ 8 Years Championship Final                                                SJ 8 Years Championship Final

Division 1

Portia Gardiner

coached by Elyse Stewart

HM SJ 8 Years Final

Division 2

Charlotte Podger                                                                  Mabel Combe

coached by Megan Taylor                                                      coached by Elyse Stewart

Intermediate Final                                                                SJ 10 Years Final

Division 3

Sophie Karr                                                                        Daria Crosby

coached by Megan Taylor                                                     coached by Michelle Brown

2nd Place Intermediate Final                                                HM Senior Final

Division 4

Erin Hill

coached by Briana Mason

1st Place Intermediate Final

Division 5

Hannah Groves

coached by Vashti Smith

HC Junior 12/13 Final

Division 6

Ashlee Hay                                                                           Lauren Barratt

coached by Brooke Dinnison                                                   coached by Brooke Dinnison

1st Place Junior 12/13 Years Final                                           Junior 12/13 Years Final

Sub Junior Duo

Eliza Barratt & Hannah Hewitt

coached by Brooke Dinnison

2nd Place SJ Division 2

Intermediate Duo

Poppy Gigney & Charlotte Podger

coached by Liv Faulkner

Intermediate Division 1 Finalist


Senior Duo

Liv Faulkner & Sophie Karr - Finalist                                          Jordan Noble & Briana Mason - Finalist

Introducing our 2019 coaching team!

Non Competitive Tinies - Miss Imogen Hawkes

Competitive Tines - Miss Sharni Mills with Cadet Coach Miss Georgia Dinnison

Sub Junior 1 - Miss Elyse Stewart

Sub Junior 2 - Miss Brooke Dinnison

Sub Junior 3 - Miss Alex Tilley

Junior 1 - Miss Laura Aistrope & Miss Vashti Smith

Junior 2 - Miss Daria Crosby

Intermediates - Miss Briana Mason

Seniors - Miss Michelle Brown


The 2018 State Championships were a huge success. All teams in Division 1.

Check out all the results HERE!


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