2020 FEES

The Competition year runs from 1st October to 30th September. Installments cover lessons (including approximately 2 extra practises or stage rehearsals) and costuming.


Aged 3-7 Years (1 hour lesson)

Registration Fee $100

Instalments $121.25

TOTAL FEES $585.00


Aged 8-10 Years (2.25 hour lesson)

Registration Fee $100

Instalments $182.50

TOTAL FEES $830.00


Aged 14-16 Years (3 hour lesson)

Registration Fee $100

Instalments $230.00



Registration - Immediately upon receipt

Instalment 1 - 31 December

Instalment 2 - 31 March

Instalment 3 - 31 May

Instalment 4 - 31 July


Brighton Calisthenics Club Inc.

BSB: 065-100 Acct No. 0090 0375 Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Aged 5-7 Years (1.5 hour lesson)

Registration Fee $100

Instalments $142.50

TOTAL FEES $670.00


Aged 11-13 Years (2.75 hour lesson)

Registration Fee $100

Instalments $212.50

TOTAL FEES $950.00


Aged 17+ Years (3.5 hour lesson)

Registration Fee $100

Instalments $242.50

TOTAL FEES $1070.00


* The Brighton Calisthenics Club is a registered club as part of the Government of South Australia Sports Voucher program which provides a $100 discount on fees for eligible members with primary school aged children in years Reception to Year 7.  

* Registration Fees are due by the end of a calendar year for current members or within 2 weeks of enrolling for new members to cover the necessary insurances.  This fee also covers the costs associated with registering both the girls and club with the Calisthenics Association of SA (CASA) for SA Competitions and related administrative costs and music copyright fees.

* Instalments cover the associated costs of running classes such as coaches wages, hall hire, stage rehearsals, lighting, team entry fees and tuition as well as a Hair & Make Up levy and a Fundraising Levy.  These fees are split into 4 equal payments and are due quarterly as above.  If you would like to arrange more regular payments please contact the club treasurer at bcctreasurer@hotmail.com

* Costume Fees cover the costs associated with the hire or trimming of club or privately owned costumes or making of new costumes & headpieces.  A new rod for competition use is also included however if new clubs are required this cost may be separate.  The cost of any wigs or shoes required may be an additional charge.  

* Tanning costs (if required) are separate to all fees listed above and payable by members at the time of tanning.

* All members are required to own a club tracksuit which can be ordered via a committee member.  Other merchandise is available to purchase at your discretion.

* The annual club camp is held each year with a separate cost. 


Email - brightoncalisthenics@hotmail.com

PO Box 522

OAKLANDS   SA   5046

Bank Details:

BSB: 065-100 Acct No. 0090 0375 Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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