Our 2020 Coaching Team includes:




Sharni Mills

Elyse Stewart

Georgia Dinnison

Imogen Hawkes

Alexandra Tilley

Hayley Simmons

Michelle Brown


Laura Aistrope

Vashti Smith

Liv Faulkner



Melinda Grimm

Daria Crosby


Briana Mason

Brooke Dinnison

Learn more about our coaches in their Bios below:​


Competitive Tinies Coach - Sharni Mills

Sharni has been involved with the Brighton Calisthenics Club for over 27 years as a competitor, committee member and coach. She has represented South Australia as a National Team member and Graceful Girl soloist numerous times.

Over the  years, Sharni has taught Tinies, Subbies and Masters, gaining Aggregates and Medals.

Some facts about Miss Sharni:


  • Sharni particularly loves coaching Graceful Girls.

  • Her involvement in Pupil Skills has seen many girls attain Honours.

  • Sharni is a Junior Primary teacher, with classes providing a balance of fun and discipline.


We are pleased that she will once again coach our Competitive Tinies Team 1 in 2020.

Competitive Tinies Coach - Georgia Dinnison

2020 will be Georgia's 16th year competing with Brighton. Georgia is currently a Senior and has competed in graceful girls, solos and duos since she was a Sub-Junior.


Before becoming a Level 1 qualified coach, she assisted Sub Junior and Junior Teams over many years.

Some facts about Miss Georgia:

  • She received Honours with Distinction in Grade 4 Pupil Skills in 2019

  • Georgia has received numerous mayoral and club awards including the Rita Sullivan Award and Best Club Girl award

  • Georgia will receive her Life Membership in 2019.

After a successful year co-coaching Tinies with Sharni, Georgia will again coach Competitive Tinies.

Non Competitive Tinies Coach - Imogen Hawkes

Imogen is a member of our Senior team and will again take on the role of Non-Competitive Tinies coach in 2020. Prior to becoming qualified, she gained coaching experience by assisting with Tinies & Sub Junior teams.

Some facts about Miss Immy:

  • 2020 will be her 20th year of calisthenics

  • She is a nurse with her own babysitting business, which means her classes are held in a fun & nurturing environment

Her love for children and passion for calisthenics makes coaching rewarding for her and she would love to see this passed down to the future generations of the club.

Sub Junior 1 - Elyse Stewart

Elyse began calisthenics when she was two and a half years old and competed for 26 years.  A dedicated Life Member of Brighton Calisthenics, she is currently the Sub Junior 1 coach.


Elyse has coached at Brighton since 2010 and has won a number of Aggregates. Throughout her coaching career she has taught Tinies, Juniors and Seniors as well as a number of Graceful Girls, Solos and Duos.

Some facts about Miss Elyse:

  • She competed in the Championship Division over a number of years at club level

  • She has been in Sub-Junior, Junior and Intermediate National teams

  • Her daughter is in one of our Tinies teams


Her passion for coaching is unwavering and Elyse enjoys passing on her knowledge to the next generation of calisthenics competitors and coaches. Calisthenics and the Brighton Calisthenics Club are a huge part of Elyse’s life and she looks forward to continuing her love for cali for many years to come.

Sub Junior 2 - Alexandra Tilley

Alex has been a competitor for Brighton since Tinies, competing at Championship level and in Ballarat.

She has been coaching for over 10 years in the Tinies and Subbies sections, including solos and duos. As a school teacher, she understands the developmental capabilities of children at various ages and how to motivate them to learn. Her encouraging teaching and funky choreography is enjoyed by participants.

Some facts about Miss Alex:

  • She is a middle school teacher and runs a competitive dance troupe at her school

  • She is in the ensemble of Mamma Mia! currently showing at the Arts Theatre, Adelaide

  • She regularly dances in the Adelaide Christmas Pageant


Brighton Calisthenics is a family affair for Alex; she competed and co-coached with her sister Emma, introduced calisthenics many years ago to her cousin, Graceful and Solo champion Gracie Lovelock, and her mum has served on the committee and in team management. She can't wait to introduce her three nieces to calisthenics in the coming years!

Juniors - Michelle Brown

Michelle has been an active member of Brighton for 35 years, starting calisthenics at the age of two-and-a-half. Throughout her competitive years she was a member of nine State and National teams, gaining invaluable training and skills by some of the state's best coaches.

Michelle also loved competing in Graceful Girls for over 10 years. Within that time she was placed in Junior, Intermediate and Senior sections in the State Championships where she then performed at the National Competition also being placed in both the Junior and Intermediate competitions.

The highlight of Michelle's Graceful Girl career was being selected to compete at the prestigious Royal South Street Competition at Ballarat, not once but three times. Another highlight was winning the aggregate in Division 1 Inters in 2011, raising them to Championship level.


Some facts about Miss Michelle:

  • She has held her Gold Medal Honours in Pupil Skills for over 20 years

  • 2020 marks 11 years since she began team coaching

  • She has a daughter in Tinies

  • She has been a life member of BCC for over 20 years

Michelle's wealth of knowledge and skills can be applied in any role across the club. For the past 7 years, Michelle has coached Seniors and in 2020 she will take the Junior section.

Assistant Coach- Brooke Dinnison

Brooke began calisthenics at Brighton when she was 5 years old and competed for 17 years. As a competitor, Brooke has been lucky enough to travel into state with the Junior State team, competing in Ballarat and the Intermediate Development team competing in Darwin.

She began demonstrating at Brighton when she was 12, demonstrating for teams and coaches from Tinies with Miss Laura / Miss Elyse, Subbies with Miss Sharni, Juniors with Miss Elyse through to Inters with Miss Megan. She began her Level 1 coaching career 8 years ago and has gained experience in Tinies through to Juniors. She coaches a number of Graceful Girls, Solos and Duos.


Some facts about Miss Brooke:

  • She is a recipient of the Brighton Best Club Girl Award

  • In 2014, she was awarded Life Membership

  • She takes on many additional roles around the club, such as Pupil Skills coordination, parent room displays and social media.

  • Her daughter starts in Tinies in 2020


Brighton Calisthenics Club is a huge part of Brooke's life and she loves passing on her knowledge to the girls at Brighton and enjoys seeing their improvement and determination at lesson each week.

In 2020, we are fortunate enough to provide additional Level 1 coaches to each team, with Brooke assist-coaching Juniors.

Intermediate 1 Co Coach - Laura Aistrope

Laura is an accomplished coach who has taught across Tinies, Sub Juniors, Juniors and Masters teams, including an Aggregate in 2013. The year 2020 will be her 15th year coaching at Brighton.  She has also taught many Graceful Girls, Solos and Duos with a very successful track record including a number of her pupils winning 1st Place at the CASA Championships. 

Laura began calisthenics when she was 3 years old and has represented South Australia twice at the Royal South Street Competition in Ballarat as a Junior & Intermediate.   


Some facts about Miss Laura:

  • She is a Brighton Best Club Girl recipient 

  • In 2015, she was awarded Life Membership of the Brighton Calisthenics Club.

  • 2020 is her 30th consecutive year of calisthenics!

  • Laura is a nurse, which has come in handy at practise, competitions and cali camp

  • Her eldest daughter is in Tinies and she can't wait to introduce her twin daughters in years to come.


After many successful years co-coaching our Junior 1s with Vashti Smith, together they move to the Inter 1s in 2020.

Intermediate 1 Co Coach - Vashti Smith

Vashti has been coaching at Brighton for more than 7 years and has also has over 20 years of competitive experience. She has coached Tinies, Junior & Senior teams as well as many successful graceful girls, solos & duos. Vashti has experience coaching Juniors and Seniors, winning a Team 2 Aggregate in 2015.

As a competitor, she was a member of the SA 2001 Intermediate Team that competed at the Royal South Street Competitions in Ballarat and was in the 2002 Senior National Team.  


Some facts about Miss Vashti:

  • She studied SACE dance in year 12, majoring in Jazz

  • She joined the Brighton Senior Team in 2009, enjoying a successful trip to Ballarat with the Brighton Senior team

  • She has taught in Darwin while living there in 2012, coaching the Krytals Intermediate team to the NTCA Aggregate.  

After a number of successful years co-coaching Juniors with Miss Laura, together they move up to Intermediates in 2020.

Assistant Coach - Liv Faulkner

Liv has been involved in calisthenics for 17 years, joining Brighton 3 years ago. 2020 is Liv's second year of Level 1 coaching, having demonstrated for 6 years prior.


Some facts about Miss Liv:

  • She was in the national team in 2009

  • She won graceful girl competitions

  • She has competed in 3 Ballarat teams.

Liv loves coaching solos & graceful girls. She enjoys passing her knowledge, dedication and creativity onto her pupils.


Brighton feels like a big family to her, and she looks forward to being the Assistant Coach of the 2020 Intermediates team!

Seniors - Melinda Grimm

Melinda has been proudly involved with Brighton Calisthenics for over 30 years. During her calisthenics career she competed in Junior, Inter & Senior state Ballarat teams and 3 Senior National teams. Melinda has experience coaching Tinies through to Seniors and has also coached solos, graceful girls and pupil skills. At Brighton, she has elevated Junior and Inter team to Championship division and coached within the division for a number of years. As a pupil, she trained under Deanna Papalia, Sally Nixon, Karen Darby and Rhondda Ryan. She has coached many of our other Brighton Coaches including Sharni Mills, Briana Mason, Georgia Dinnison, Laura Aistrope, Elyse Stewart, Alex Tilley, Daria Crosby and Brooke Dinnison, passing down her knowledge and experiences along the way.

Some facts about Miss Melinda:

  • She has won the Brighton Best Club Girl award three times

  • She coached a state Ballarat Championship team to the Reserve Aggregate in 2003.

  • She placed 2nd at the National Graceful Girl competition in Canberra in 1991.


As a coach, Melinda has a strong focus on self-belief, technique development, teamwork and confidence on stage. After spending four years as mentor to Brighton coaches, she returns reinvigorated to coach the Senior team in 2020!

Strength, Flex & Technique Coach - Hayley Simmons

Hayley has been involved with calisthenics and performing for over 30 years. Hayley's involvement with Brighton Calisthenics began in 2009, where she competed in the Senior Championship team and was part of a successful campaign to Ballarat. 


Her coaching experience began with assist coaching at a new club in the 1990s, leading her to becoming skillful at coaching beginners. Taking some time away from the sport, she studied Human Movement and competed in the World Sport Aerobics Championships twice, strengthening her understanding of the physical and mental components of performance sports.

Some facts about Miss Hayley:

  • Upon returning to calisthenics in her twenties, she went on to compete in the 2007 Senior National team, achieving her goal a trifecta in representing the State at Junior, Inter & Senior levels

  • She is a middle school Performing Arts teacher, and enrols her students in dance troupe competitions

  • She has a daughter in Subbies.

Over the years she has coached 6 Brighton teams (4 Tinies & 2 Juniors) and was an Assistant Coach while obtaining her teaching degree. She teachers the occasional Solo & Duo where time permits. To this day, she still most enjoys working with new and less experienced participants to develop raw talent.

In 2020, Hayley is taking new sub-juniors in Team 3, and also looks forward to delivering Strength, Flex & Technique classes to extend the development of Brighton Calisthenics participants across sections.

Level 1 Coach - Daria Crosby

2020 will be Daria's 17th year with Brighton as a competitor and her third year as a Level 1 coach.  In the past Daria has coached Juniors, assisted with all ages groups from Tinies through to Intermediates. She is a proud member of our Senior team.

Daria was awarded the clubs prestigious Best Club Girl award in 2013 as well as many Mayoral Awards over the years and was award her Life Membership in 2018.

Miss Daria coaches Graceful Girls, Solos, Duos and Pupil Skills.

Level 1 Coach - Briana Mason

Briana first started calisthenics at Brighton Calisthenics Club as a competitor in 1997, following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother who were both former calisthenics competitors.

In 2011, Briana was awarded Life Membership of Brighton Calisthenics Club and in 2014 started her coaching career with the club.

Over the years she has been Intermediates coach, a competitor and coach in graceful, solo and duo competitions, assisted teams in various junior sections and represented Brighton at the annual Royal South Street competition in Ballarat.

Miss Briana coaches Solos & Graceful Girls.


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